The Rationale - You Are The Little Plant

So what happens if you don’t do self-care? Generally speaking, most people become stressed, irritable and unfocused. This is counter-productive and it affects the quality of your work, your relationships, your parenting and basically your life because you feel naff. In the long run, this affects your physical health, your mental health, your life progress and your happiness 😮 This makes us all say “OMG self-care is so important, we must all do all the self-care immediately!!” ... but do we do it? Um, well, sort of.

The reasons we don’t do it are mostly time pressure, money pressure and poor emotional hygiene. We get overwhelmed by guilt and it dictates our behaviour, we desire a harmonious life in the short term so much that we compromise our long term capacity for harmony and we equate our own view of our self-worth with how worthy we are of care, which can sometimes translate into ‘I am unworthy of self-care!’. It would be better to be like the little plant – if the little plant is not flourishing do we say ‘the little plant must be unworthy of care’? The coolest thing about self-care is when you invest in it, it improves your feelings of worthiness and your confidence and a little can go a long way… Ultimately, true self-care happens on the inside – with the end of self-criticism - and you can begin to train yourself into this habit by starting with the outside. More on the inside later in this series. For now, you may have a few barriers to overcome, particularly if other people have gotten used to you not doing much self-care. If so, try this useful phrase: “I have realised that I am feeling tired, frazzled, unproductive and getting ill a lot and it’s affecting me here at work and at home and basically making things harder. I’ve decided to something about it to improve that and hopefully when I do, we’ll all see the benefit in the long run.” If you can’t say it, try texting it.

Next week is Quick Win Schedule Hacking. After that, when you have some breathing space we’ll do The Audit and you can identify any major gaps 😊

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