Your first 30 minute appointment is FREE!


Regular sessions cost £58 and are 50 minutes long.


We take payment for each session prior to the session - this reserves your session time.


Usually you pay for two session at the beginning and then pay each week so you stay one session ahead for the agreed number of sessions.


We can plan around holidays and we provide you a therapy agreement as part of your plan which contains all the information you will need about this. 

We accept payment by cash, cheque and electronic bank transfer 


To see how we will treat your data and notes relating to your therapy please click on our GDPR policy and agreement to download a copy.  It shows how we comply to the General Data Protection Regulation 2018. 


Join the waiting list - please note we do not currently offer evening sessions

To book a session directly please email 


We will arrange ongoing bookings once we have met and if you decide to go forward. 


We take confidentiality seriously! We work confidentially with our clients and share only the necessary anonymised information in supervision.


Supervision, as well as sticking to our professional guidelines, ensures that our practice is ethical and competent.

An example of a counselling agreement is available here. We will make this agreement with you verbally also.