The first 50 minute introductory session is £25.00.


Regular 50 minute psychology sessions are £65.00 each. We ask you to pay for your session each week and to pay for two sessions just before you start.  This means you are paid up for one session in advance and it reserves your next session time for you.


We also provide some 90-minute psychology sessions. These are mainly for one-off consultations or for EMDR and are available by prior arrangement only. These cost £105 each.


We provide a client therapy agreement as part of your plan which contains all the information you will need about the psychotherapy arrangement we have including information about confidentiality, holidays, cancellations etc. An example of our counselling agreement is available here.

We request payment by electronic bank transfer where possible.


To enquire about availability and book a session please email alice@pausepsychology.co.uk

We will arrange ongoing bookings if you decide to go forward. 


We take confidentiality seriously! We work confidentially with our clients and share only the necessary anonymised information in supervision.


Supervision, as well as sticking to our professional guidelines, ensures that our practice is ethical and competent.


To see how we treat your data and notes relating to your therapy, please click on our GDPR policy and agreement to download a copy.  It shows how we comply to the General Data Protection Regulation 2018.